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No one asks to be injured and if someone else’s negligence has gotten you or a loved one hurt, it can be difficult to get back on your feet - especially with the massive amount of paperwork and billing flying about. Let us help lessen your burden and receive the care you need.

At the NSJ Law Group, we are dedicated to helping those that have become victim to serious injuries recover both physically and financially, so you can return to the quality of life you once enjoyed. Whether it is because of a reckless driver or a negligent third-party, if you have been injured because of their carelessness, you deserve rightful compensation and we can help you attain it.

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Most people think that it requires, a fee to hire a personal injury attorney; however, that is not necessarilly the case. At the NSJ Law Group, we have no upfront fees and will only receive payment when we win your case.

Variety of Medical Options

With years of experience with Chiropractic, Pain Centers, and Physical Therapy, we will make sure that you will get the right treatment for your injury in timely

Auto Accident

“Reckless and negligent driving causes accidents everyday. Accidents, even those at low speeds, can cause greatly injure those involved and cause pain and discomfort. We will represent you and the passengers that may have been in your vehicle, so you can focus on getting treatment and feeling better.”

Motorcycle Accident

"Motorcycle accidents can happen involving motor vehicle such as automobile, another motorcycle, bicycles, and pedestrian. NSJ will do our best to get you on the road of recovery for the property damages and bodily injuries the right way."

Pedestrian Accident

"Though pedestrians are almost never at fault for an accident, they often have to deal with the worst consequences due to the direct impact with a vehicle. Pedestrians also often know they can be compensated but do not know where to start when it comes to filing a claim. We can assist you through the entire process of filing a claim to ensuring treatment and make sure you are compensated for your injuries."

Bicycle Accident

"Bicyclist are often seriously injured when involved in an accident. However, many times affected bicyclists do not know they can file a claim for their injuries. As it would be for any motor vehicle accident or pedestrian case, bicyclists can also be compensated for their injuries. Through the whole process, we will do our best to ensure that you are compensated for both property damages and bodily injuries."

Uber/Lyft (Passenger)

"Despite the rising popularity of ride-sharing services, most people do not know what to do follow an accident during the use of such services. The process following an automobile accident involving a ride-share vehicle can get complicated with all the different documents and insurance companies involved. We can help clarify the process and handle all fo the paperwork, so whether you were a passenger or a driver for a ride-share service, you can focus on treating and getting better."

Slip & Fall

"Slip & Fall accidents can occur anywhere at anytime. Majority of businesses takes good care of their facility for safety. Dangerous conditions can cause people to slip and fall. Slip and fall could be funny to some people but they can actually lead to serious injuries. Sometimes injuries can be life-threatening injuries that could devistate you and your loved ones. You may have a claim for your medical expenses, lost earnings (wages), physical pain, and emotional suffering."

Got rear-ended on local street, I was in so much pain when NSJ stepped in! NSJ really took care of me with when I was devastated with sustained injury. From chiropractic, MRI, Pain Management, to injections, NSJ arranged everything and communication level is in another dimension! Rachel was kind, easy to get in touch with, she was understanding and very prompt when following up with me. Great result follows great service! No regrets!


Auto Accident Case

I sustained a concussion upon accident when I was in transportation service vehicle. NSJ took care of my medical treatments from chiropractic, MRI, Orthopedic, injections, to neurologist. As disabled person, I have to take transportation service to get to places. Rachel was easy to get a hold of, understanding my situation as disabled person. She followed up with prompt and detailed communication! My case is still on-going and NSJ have earned my trust!

J. L.

Uber/Lyft Accident Case

I had a car accident where the other party was at fault and sustained a back injury. Rachel at NSJ Law Group was amazing along with Kevin Yang. They got me all the help I needed for my back injury. From chiropractic help to injections. Communication was very easy and straightforward. Rachel was very easy to get in touch with and kept me up to date with everything. I HIGHLY recommend coming to Rachel for help. Amazing experience with NSJ!

HECTOR N. - 09/30/2020

Auto Accident Case

My mother got into a minor car accident in which she wasn't at fault and came to NSJ Law group for the insurance dispute. Thomas Yoo was very helpful in making this ordeal as smooth and stress-less as he could while him and his team took care of everything. A reason my mother came to NSJ was because of their bilingual accommodation as she speaks primarily Korean. Excellent service, will reach out to them again in the future when needed.

Brian L. - 08/24/2020

Auto Accident Case

Okay guys, this is the best place where you need to get help if you get into a car accident. I got into an accident in March 2020 and I had NO IDEA what to do at that moment. My friend recommended me to call this place if I can get some help and they literally helped me like I was one of their family members. After the first meeting, they took care of everything. I didn't need to explain or answer questions through phone calls and emails from opponent's insurance company, and they introduced me a good chiropractic place for my back pain which's gotten better now! They were really good at follow ups and didn't miss any details even little things. They kept checking on me if I was okay from the day I got into the accident until the end of my case. I thought it was going to take forever to finalize my case, but I was wrong. I'm pretty sure they worked really hard since my case closed faster than I expected. I didn't have to worry about this accident since the day I asked them to take care of it and I could see they were working hard. It genuinely saved my time and health for my future. If I didn't call them and asked them to take care of my case, I would have had a severe back pain and could't have been able to get right treatment at the right moment. I would like to say thank you for bringing good results! This place deserves a title "the best law group"

Reina K. - 11/22/2020

Auto Accident Case


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